Machinery and equipment

We are from Bultechexport to introduce You to a very small part of our catalog machinery and equipment.

One of the categories in the catalog machines and equipment for plastics and films. This category includes extruders, extrusion izduvnih machines – blast, vending machines, isdown injection machine, injection machine, thermo vacuum formulasi machine. In the category enabled and the peripheral equipment as an integral part of the processes associated with the preparation of the process and additional activities related to economic efficiency.

Machines for paper and paperboard is another category in our catalog and wiring of machinery and equipment that are used in various industries. They cover a range of truly revolutionary events, as it involves working with new and recycled materials, which after processing to produce a finished product or one that will be applied to the completion of another.

Pattinase and opakovani machines have wide application in various industries. One of the strongest is the food industry.

As every business is individual and specific production and operation of various we offer individual solutions, which are not included in our catalog. For more information and prepare an individual offer please contact us.