Bultehexport is an export / import - consulting company established in 1996. Organizes business cooperation between China, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Represents the interests of the largest machine building companies in Taiwan and China, which distribute their products in markets around the world.

Today China is the world production center in all directions with quality and reasonable prices. Chinese manufacturers are recognized leaders in world production of virtually all types of goods and equipment. If you need to find or buy machinery, equipment or equipment made in China Bultehexport is your trusted partner.

China is at the forefront of manufacturing equipment and automated production lines. The pursuit of high quality and reasonable prices has helped China to take a leading position in mechanical engineering. Using the experience and innovative technologies of European and American companies that have opened branches in China, mechanical engineering has shifted from quantitative to qualitative change in recent years and is one of the main drivers of the Chinese economy and exports.

There is a massive trend of modernization of production, abandonment of the principle of blind copying and production of inexpensive but not competitive equipment. On the contrary, the new trend of the leading manufacturers is to buy technologies, to cooperate orders and components with leading companies from all over the world. This method of work has significantly affected the production of quality equipment. It is no secret that many world-renowned brands and manufacturers order parts or manufacture their equipment in China, and also fight for the Chinese market by opening productions and offering high-tech products. All this leads to huge competition between producers and logically the unscrupulous and low-quality producers are eliminated.

Our goals

Our main task is to work with first-class manufacturers and to trade their equipment and goods at production prices.

Bultehexport organizes direct contact with the largest machine-building companies in China producing industrial equipment and production lines. Through us you can visit offers from us or your chosen manufacturer, to visit different manufacturers of equipment and production lines. We can assist you in conducting business negotiations for the purchase of equipment and its commissioning. We, our collaborators and translators will organize a warm and friendly reception in China.

Our services

  • supply of industrial and production equipment manufactured in China, Taiwan or another country of origin;
  • delivery of consumables and raw materials for work with the equipment;
  • conducts a search for a perfect manufacturer of equipment or goods that are not listed on the site (at the request of a customer);
  • performs customs clearance for exports from China, Taiwan or another country of origin and imports to Bulgaria;
  • performs transportation of the goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse of the buyer;
  • Bultehexport performs certification of equipment or goods for functionality and compliance with the directives and requirements of the European Union "CE";
  • assists in the arrival of chief installers from the manufacturer, commissioning of equipment and staff training;
  • assists in the warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment, delivery of spare and component parts;
  • we provide our employee to accompany the client on the way to the manufacturer, booking tickets, hotels, transfers and a translator from Chinese to Bulgarian, English and Russian;
  • we make a BUSINESS PLAN of the offered equipment, prepared on the basis of the current state of the market;
  • translation of the equipment documentation from the buyer's instructions.

How to buy equipment from China?

Choose the equipment you are interested in our catalog, менюто или make an inquiry for an individual offer. Our associate will accept the request and prepare a proposal for the equipment or product you are interested in. We will answer your questions in detail and comprehensively.

Представяме Китайски и Тайвански лидери в машиностроенето и техните производства на оборудване, машини и технологични линии.