We at Bultehexport present you an extremely small part of our catalog from machines and equipment for small, medium and large enterprises engaged in various fields of industry.

One of the largest categories in the catalog presents machines and equipment for plastics and foils. In this category are presented extruders, extrusion blow molding machines - blast machines, injection blow molding machines, injection molding machines, thermo-vacuum forming machines. Peripheral equipment is also included in the same category. As an integral part of the processes related to the preparation of the process and the additional and finishing activities related to the economic efficiency.

Paper and cardboard machines is another category in our catalog representing machines and equipment that are applicable in various fields of industry. They cover a wide range of activities, including work with new and recycled raw materials, which after processing to produce a finished product or one that can be applied in the completion of another.

Packaging and packaging machines are widely used in various industries. One of the most prominent is the food industry.

Machinery and production lines is the category that by default includes a fairly wide range of industrial solutions. She, in turn, presents sample proposals related to lines for the production of protective and medical masks. This includes the production lines for nonwovens - one of the main components for the production of protective equipment (protective and medical masks).

As each business is individual, the processes and specifics of work production are different, we also offer individual solutions that are not included in our catalog. For more information and preparation of individual offers contact our associate.